Preparing a racing track

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There's a couple ways to prepare a track:

  • Print it - usually possible on vinyl or carpet. Vinyl has glare, carpet is expensive
  • Paint it - pick some base material like interlocking foam puzzles and paint the track onto them
  • Tape it - also pick some base material like the interlocking foam puzzles or just any floor and use a tape to prepare the track. The drawback is lack of contrasting colours outside of the track
  • Buy it

Joe Nielsen shared his advice on Slack:

For less than a hundred dollars you could use a canvas and some spray paint. Or if you have a floor with single dark color, use masking tape or duct tape to outline a track. For less than three hundred dollars you could use banner paper to outline a background on top of a banner paper track and secure with duct tape. For less than five hundred dollars you could use foam or carpet squares with a spray painted or painted track.

Time measurement[edit]

Nalbam has prepared a pressure sensor based time measurement:


Documentation on tracks:

Optiz Consulting on track building:

ARCC on track building:

A store selling the track on vinyl: