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We are a group of people who race, learn, share experiences and help one another to improve the technical skills in various field with the end goal of getting better at racing.

The community has many active members commited to its growth and improvement and is based on members' free time that they are able and willing to commit.


The community has been created after the AWS Summit in London when Lyndon Leggate created a Slack workspace initially for the London competitors. Soon it has evolved into a general AWS DeepRacer Community and was acknowledged as such by AWS.

Community goals[edit]

  • Promoting AWS DeepRacer
  • Stimulating the learning
  • Knowledge gathering and sharing
  • Creating and maintaining community projects
  • Problem solving
  • Networking

Community structure[edit]

While the community has no strict hierarchy, it does have its leaders and active members who form a group called AWS DeepRacer Community Pit Crew.

The Community Pit Crew is formed of members who either contribute to valuable projects or to the community itself. They are:

This isn't a closed list and new members can join it or be invited to it when they stand out or wish to contribute